The Disability Resource Team can provide training in:

Disability Equality Training
Disability Equality Awareness this course can last from between half-day to 2-days depending on your requirements and your client-base.

The course covers: Facts and figures, Models of disability, Access and Attitude, the Disability Discrimination act, Language and etiquette. Throughout the course Roll-play, Video clips, quizzes and case studies are provided. At the end of the course a pack is given out to all participants for their future use.

Customer Care welcoming disabled customers to your organisation
a half-day or one-day course containing some of the above mentioned materials but with an emphasis on improving your client-base and Encouraging people with disabilities into your company premises. The main emphasis of the course is on Etiquette, Language, how to approach people with varying disabilities and what to do in difficult situations. The course is very much case study/role-play based.
The aim of the course, as well as raising one\'s awareness of disability, is to help you feel at ease when working and interacting with disabled customers.

Visual Impairment Awareness Training
this one-day course looks at the causes of visual or hearing impairment and studies sensory impairment in conjunction with disability issues of today. The course incorporates theory and practical issues, looks at facts and figures and language, uses role-play and video as well as practical case-studies.

The Disability Discrimination act 1995 and The special Educational Needs and disabilities Act 2001
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995- this course can have three strands:

* A general half-day or one-day DDA course taking into account the relevant provisions of the DDA, which may best suit your organisation. The course includes Video and Case studies as well as dealing with Facts and Figures and relevant up-to-date case law.

* Employment provision - This half or one-day course looks at the current employment provision of the act, deals with past and present cases and is supported with Video and case studies.

* Access to goods and services This half or one day course deals with section III of the DDA and takes into account the latest provision which came out in October 1999 and the proposed provision of 2004 (access to public buildings). It deals with case law and how the provision will affect your organisation. The course is supported with Video and case study exercises.

It is important to note that, none of these courses are set in stone. For example, Should you require a full day course on employment provision or a half-day course on Visual Impairment awareness, these can be provided.

All courses are supported with overheads and all participants are given a pack at the end.

All materials are supplied by DRT although it is preferable for you to copy and distribute the programme and objectives, which will be sent to you once you have booked the relevant course.

Dolphin approved trainer
Maurice Press, The Disability Resource Teams Managing Director is proud to be an accredited trainer for the Dolphin Supernova and Pocket Hal ranges of screen readers.

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Half-day 450.

Full-Day 850.

2-day, 1500.

All prices are exclusive of travel/hotel expenses and VAT.

For more information or to see a sample programme and objectives of the course, Please contact:

Maurice Press, Director of DRT
Tel: 020 8943 0022
Fax: 020 8943 5162

All our course materials are fully compliant with the DDA and equal opportunities legislation.

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